Autobots, (egg) roll out

24 Nov

It’s easy to be ambitious at 10am. Planned to make some sambal puffs for dinner seeing that I had plenty of left over sambal from a couple of days ago. But after returning from lunch at about 3pm, laziness began to set it. It was beginning to rain and I decided to chill in front of the TV to watch the deliciously sarky and slightly twisted Dr House terrorise some patient or other. Season Six of House MD rocks, btw.

I thought I’d watch one episode and then start on my puffs. Fat fat hopes. After three episodes, I made my way to the kitchen … to put my defrosting shortcrust pastry right back into the freezer. Puffs for another day … dinner would have to be something simple.

What’s simpler than egg rolls? Not much really. You can fill em with almost anything and they’ll still taste yummy.

The egg bater has chilli flakes and dill, salt + pepper

I used the sambal this time around but I sometimes stir fry mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots and capsicum in light soy sauce or mushrooms in a low fat cream sauce. It’s hard to go wrong really unless you decide to stuff em with Apples or whipped cream. Now that’s whack.

Plump looks good on rolls


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