No Egg Omelette

8 Jan

I saw a carton of Organ’s “No Egg Egg Replacer” in the supermarket the other day and I had to get it. Not because I am thinking of quitting eggs (not yet, at least) but I was just curious about how an egg replacer would work and, more importantly, how authentic the taste would be.

The “No Egg Egg Replacer” comes in powder form: it is, after all, made of Potato starch, tapioca flour, vegetable gum (methylcellulose, calcium carbonate), citric acid!

1 tsp of Organ No Egg + 2 tbsp water = one egg. That’s what the instructions on the box said. The box also had a simple recipe for (No Egg) egg custard.

Although it made more sense to use the Egg Replacer in cakes, pastries and such, I decided to see if the No Egg Egg Replacer could actually be made into a No Egg Omelette.

I usually go for a two-egg omelette, so i mixed 2 tsp of the No Egg Egg Replacer (you can tell I kinda like saying this) with 2tbsps water. I heated some onions in butter, added spinach and then the Egg Replacer.

OK, for one thing, the texture is nothing like egg. Maybe congealed egg whites but this mixture was a little too gummy. Err….

Ok, I don’t think frying an omelette was going to work. Scratching my head, I picked up the box again, and notice the “warning note” at the back:


Egg replacer is not suitable for making scrambled eggs or omelettes.

Doh! Seriously, a Homer moment! Oh well, you can’t knock a gal for trying. Now that I have just wasted two No Eggs, I  will (hopefully) learn to take it easy and read instructions properly and not just jump headlong into some silly experiment. Ha! Sounds like a resolution for 2010.

Now, my problem. Should I eat the gummy omelette or should I just trash it. (in my head I hear my mother’s words:  “… think of the starving children around the world…”).

Awwww, Ma!


Egg replacer is not suitable for making scrambled eggs or omelettes.


3 Responses to “No Egg Omelette”

  1. 'sheila' January 8, 2010 at 18:41 #

    eat it!

  2. Hollie March 23, 2010 at 05:52 #

    That just looks gross. So glad you posted it though, because I once was interested in trying the powder eggs, and now am no longer interested! Thanks for being so brave! 🙂

    • nodessertforme March 23, 2010 at 18:17 #

      Gross to look at, yes. Imagine eating the glob! haha. Yes, I have a packet in my pantry I know not what i am gonna do with!! ;(
      thanks for your comment!

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