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Lassi, come home!

13 Jan

False Advertising? Nay.

Guinness, if the oh-so-convincing (wink) ads are to be believed, is supposed to be good for you. Whatever, it’s an acquired taste and those who love it, reeaaaallly love it.

You know what else is good for you? A rich and creamy home-made lassi or yoghurt drink that can be fruity or fruitless, it’s not a fussy food. I like em both, depending on whether I’m having it as a side or a main. Yes a main!

Drinking fruit lassi is seriously like drinking the best fruit on the planet. It is really filling and truly, a meal by itself. Fruit and yoghurt, and a little sugar: that’s about all you need to make a lassi. Oh, and crushed ice — all gloriously put together in a blender. How much fruit and how much sugar you put in depends entirely on your taste buds. If the sweetness of the fruit is not enough for you, add more sugar. I like my lassi really thick and so I don’t add any other liquid other than then yoghurt (it’s kinda semi liquid and really thickens the mix) and the ice. If you prefer yours thinner, add more water or milk. It’s all good — told ya, not a fussy food.
I made a Mango lassi using a nice, plump Indian mango that was criminally sweet. I added about 3 cups of yoghurt (it was a big fruit) and 2 tsp sugar.  Landed myself with two half-pint glasses of lassi which was more than enough for dinner.

What’s the difference between a lassi and a smoothie, you ask? Actually, that was what I was wondering as I was making this. Not much really. Although ice-blended drinks don’t usually have yoghurt or milk — they use pure  fruit juice as the liquid — smoothies often do. Some substitute the yoghurt with soy milk (healthy option) or ice cream (unhealthy non authentic option) and honey for sugar. Smoothies apparently originated from Brazil and became popular in the US in the 1960s when vegetarianism — not just vegetarianism, macrobiotic vegetarianism — was gaining popularity. Hippy food, lah. So, essentially, smoothies are supposed to be healthy food — so you can forget about the ice cream.

Sometimes, vegetable protein powders  are added for enrichment: green tea, wheatgrass, etc. If you’ve ever had JambaJuice or Boost smoothies, you’ll know what I mean.

I think my next lassi is going to be something a little insane: nope, not durian (my blender would never forgive me) but perhaps using coconut and some alcohol. Kahlua, perhaps? Ooooh I just can’t wait.