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Bookin’; not cookin’

28 Nov

It being  a public holiday and all, I decided to close my kitchen for the day. Instead, I set my sights on checking out some cookbooks and some books on cooks. Reading about cooking can sometimes be just as satisfying as actually cooking. Sometimes.

My first stop was Kinokuniya at KLCC. The selection of cookbooks there is phenomenal and I actually had all the time in the world to look through them. Books for amateur cooks, professional chefs, aspiring professional chefs or just people looking for easy recipes for a dinner or tea party. It’s cookbook haven …

I spotted at least a dozen books I wanted.  But goddammit, none of these books were under RM100. If I got even a few, it would leave me with practically no money to buy any ingredients to cook anything.

Except maybe eggs, cos you can get a dozen eggs for just RM4.

Anyways, I didn’t buy anything. Thankfully, there was a huge booksale going on in PJ — the Big Bad Wolf sale. Heard of it? Well, it was at Amcorp mall and I decided to drive to the book sale and brave the crowds in search of cheaper books.

Have you been to a book sale? Crazy. Scores of people with boxes — big boxes — grabbing books from every aisle. Long lines to look at books, long lines to pay, long lines to get into a long line … you’d think our literacy rates would be pie-high right?

So I went. And I bought four cookbooks — three hard covers that would usually cost at least RM120 each — and three crime novels all for just RM80.

And there wasn’t that big a crowd.

And it took me just 10 minutes to pay for my books.

See that Anita sarawak book in the top left corner? No, didn’t get it though it was an interesting browse. See the Smiths picture book, top right? Nope, didn’t get that one either.  Got the rest though 🙂 And now I am having the time of my life going through them.

Exciting new recipes, revelatory new old recipes (new ways of cooking classics), beautiful pictures … it’ll take me a couple of days to begin to digest these treasures but I can’t wait to start cooking again.

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