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Vege Burgers are the real deal, folks

17 Nov

To many  non-vegetarians, the very idea of a vegetarian burger is kind of a joke. At my dinner table recently, I faced a couple of strict non-vegetarians who had just returned from a fully-loaded banana leaf meal (white rice + only one vege + mutton + chicken + papadam or crackers served on a banana leaf). When I brought out my vegetarian burger, I couln’t help but notice they’re barely successful attempts at stiffling their snide laughter.

And then, it errupted.

“You vegetarians.”

I waited.

“Why be a vegetarian if you still crave burgers. And what’s the fascination with mock meat? Stop kidding yourselves-lah

Whoa, buddy.

All the vegetarians out there, let me represent, y’all. Just because we don’t want to eat meat, doesn’t mean we don’t like to eat. And who says  a flavourful burger has to be made  from meat.  The combination of a delicious patty in between two slices of bread with cheese, tomato and relish is just explosive. Doesn’t matter if it’s a beef patty, chicken patty, turkey patty, fish patty, vegetable patty, soy patty or a krabby patty (the kind SpongeBob makes at the Krusty Krab) — a tasty patty is a tasty patty and a good burger is a good burger.

So if you’re not averse to a good tasting, meatless burger, patty enjoy!


2 firm tofu

1/4 cup canned spinach

1/4 cup shitake or button mushrooms, chopped very small

1 tsp curry powder

1/2 tsp ground cumin

red chilli flakes

1/2 green chilli, chopped small

1 medium onion chopped small


dash of light soy sauce

salt and pepper

1 egg (optional)

Mash tofu, add all ingredients and mix. Add  enough breadcrumbs to bind the patties. You can, if you want to, add an egg. From the mixture into 2 patties. Shallow fry till golden –medium heat. Toast bread, spread butter and mayo (if you wish) and load with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce (if you want). Chow down.

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